Corporate Social Investment

Grand Gaming Slots’ contributions for 2015 went to Barneys Army (The John Smit Foundation) with the money being allocated to assist some of John’s chosen charities.


Ben W Mashego Secondary School

Ben W Mashego Secondary School (BWMS) is a quantile 1 school situated in the rural villages of Bushbuckridge with 259 students. It was identified in 2018 by Grand Gaming Mpumalanga (GGM) team from the Department of Education’s list of schools in quantile 1. Furthermore, this was an area where GGM was doing business therefore the school was a perfect candidate for investing back into the community.

In 2018, long-term menstrual cups were given to all the girl students due to them not being able to attend school for approximately one week while they were on their periods, resulting in a negative impact on their education. Boys were given school shoes. This allowed the children to focus on their education thus build a better future for themselves, families and overall improve their communities. In 2022, GGM revisited the school and supported them with school uniform as well. A projector and laptops were also provided to the school to assist the children with the tools required so that they can access the internet for their educational projects and research. To Learn more, click here




GRIP is an NGO that provides confidential, sensitive, and comprehensive trauma counselling along with practical assistance and support to rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence survivors.

They assist in obtaining the necessary health services for victims to recover physically, mentally and emotionally via extensive in-home post-assault services i.e. individual one-on-one counselling, they also assist in the prosecution process of offenders. The NPO operates in 26 care rooms, which are situated in 13 Police Stations, 8 hospitals and 5 courts.

This year we decided to create a real impact, engaging with Grip to first understand and learn more about the organization. And help them to achieve their goals and meaningful empower the victims by donating Care packs that include Panties, Face cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, and pads, for the women who are staying at the Shelter. We were honoured to be given such an opportunity to touch lives, more especially the women who are heavy-hearted.


Dunbar Primary School

Every year in honour of Mandela Day, Grand Gaming Mpumalanga unites to offer support to vulnerable community members. This time around Grand Gaming Mpumalanga chose Dunbar Primary School. The school has 18 classrooms and accommodates 1200 learners from poor backgrounds with most of their parents unemployed. Grand Gaming Mpumalanga donated paint, painting substances, gas stove and menstrual cups. Grand Gaming Mpumalanga's team painted the roof as a sign of honouring 67 minutes for Mandela Day. The Principal and SGB were happy with the donation.


Thembela Home

Grand Gaming Mpumalanga offered support to vulnerable children at Thembela Home based Centre & Smart kids. The centre opened its doors in November 2018 and serve 77 children between the age of 3 and 13 years. The organisation provides the children with cooked meals on a daily basis and assist the kids with homework. Grand Gaming Mpumalanga decided to support their good work by donating Gas stoves, Pots, Jojo tank, fence and gardening equipment to the centre. The team planted vegetables for the kids to have enough food as well. Centre manager Betty Hlatswayo was very grateful for the help.


Ben Mashego High School

As Grand Gaming Mpumalanga (GGM), we aim to contribute positively in communities where we do our business. This is our philosophy and is entrenched in how we do business. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to causes that offer more of a longer-term solution instead of temporary relief. In line with that principle, GGM supplied smart cups, which are menstrual cups, to all the girls at Ben Mashego High School in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga Province. This product is revolutionary in that it can be used over and over for up to four to five years. This ensured that no girl child can ever be kept away from school due to being on their periods. Focus on education allows these young ladies to focus on what is really important; their education, in order to build a better future for themselves, their families as well as contribute positively to their communities.

To ensure that values was added to all children and not just girl children, Grand Gaming furthermore contributed quality school shoes to boy children as well. There were instances where children wore torn shoes to walk to school in the middle of winter and GGM wanted to provide a solution by providing good quality school shoes that could endure a few growing years.


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